Best Doggy Daycares in Chattanooga, TN

Life is busy these days, and our furry companions often get short shrift because of it. Between work, shopping, business trips, vacations, and occasional visits to the in-laws who are allergic to pets, we often have to leave our dogs alone at home. 

However, leaving your dog alone can cause separation anxiety, loneliness/depression, and other behavioral problems. The simple solution is to hire a pet sitter or drop your four-legged friend at a daycare facility when you plan to be away. 

If you’re looking for a daycare alternative, we’re here to help! Here’s a short yet comprehensive list of the 4 best dog daycares using customer feedback and ratings of the businesses. If you are in Chattanooga, TN, and searching for the best daycare facility for your dog, this post is for you.  

4 Best Dog Daycare in Chattanooga, TN

1. Happy Hound Pet Sitting (5/5)

Address: Not provided.

With over ten years of experience in pet sitting and dog hiking, Happy Hound exists to serve your furry companion with quality time and fun experiences. 

If you want your furry friends to have adventurous experiences but have no time to accompany them, Happy Hound is more than welcome to take them in their care and take them for walks and pack hikes. Your furry companion will get to socialize with other dogs and explore the rolling hills of Chattanooga.

If you are going on a vacation, work, or anywhere away from home, we understand the guilt of leaving your dog alone. But with Happy Hound dog sitting service, your four-legged friend will be well watched over. 

Most importantly, they are reliable and trustworthy and send regular updates/photos so pet parents don’t worry, and also get to virtually join their dogs.

2. PetQuest Spa & Hotel (4.8/5)

Address: 7202 Lee Hwy, Chattanooga, TN 37421

PetQuest Spa & Hotel is a locally owned business serving Chattanooga and the neighboring areas with top-notch dog grooming and daycare services. They welcome all dogs, if qualified (vaccinated and immunized), to join their daycare, regardless of age, size, or breed. 

They offer separate air-conditioned indoor daycare spaces tailored for all sizes of dogs. Moreover, they have professionally trained caregivers who ensure your dog spends their day unleashed, engaging in play and exercise. When the weather is pleasant, they take your dog outdoors to their large play yard.

With a rating of 4.8 out of 5, PetQuest services are highly in demand in the local areas for offering the best and most affordable services. Their dog daycare and boarding services are usually booked for weeks. So, they recommend customers visit their website first to check the availability.

3. Play Dog Excellent (4.5/5)

Address: 4113 Dayton BLVD Chattanooga, TN 37415

Play Dog Excellent (PDX) has been providing the best dog services in the Chattanooga area since 2004. With so many years of experience, they have made a name for themselves in the field. They have a huge 20,000-square-foot facility spread over four acres on top of a hill.

From boarding to daycare and training, all PDX services are top-notch. You can trust them and drop your furry companions at their facility. They’ll make sure that your dogs are safe, happy, and exhausted from playing when you pick them up.

The only downside with PDX is that they have a long waitlist of dogs for daycare. If you want to get on the waitlist, fill out their daycare application.

4. GoDog Chattanooga (4.4/5)

Address: 255 W. 20th St., Chattanooga, TN 37408

GoDog is a premier pet services shop with multiple facilities in different cities. In Chattanooga, GoDog has indoor and outdoor play yards, dog playground equipment, daily sanitized dog turf, and some fun and friendly staff. 

Their daycare program, GoDog: Play, is a top-quality full-day activity for your dog with lots of fun and excitement. The program starts from $40 a day, and it’s worth it if you want your furry friend to come back home tired and happy. 

Last Words 

Before you go, here’s a quick reminder: Dogs are social animals– they love to keep themselves busy with other dogs and people. If you keep them cooped up in an indoor space for long, they will develop anger and destructive behavior like excessive barking and chewing furniture.

So, it’s best to take your furry friend to daycare from time to time to reduce their stress level and let them engage in fun activities. While being away, you deserve peace of mind, and your furry companion deserves a fun playtime.

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