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I can’t recommend highly enough

Our trainer has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  He does an amazing job with the dogs and really helps facilitate a great relationship with one’s dog.  It’s been great working with someone that so clearly loves what they do.  Honestly, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Brian Wilkinson  //  Verified Google Review

I highly recommend Off Leash K9

Great experience with a pup who had flunked out of several other types of training efforts. Our boy finally “got it” with the observant, patient, knowledgeable one-on-one  training provided by OLK9. I highly recommend Off Leash K9 for any hard to train pooch and their humans. Harmony has been restored to the household.

Mary Lou Reed  //  ​Verified Google Review

Thank You Off leash!!

Off Leash K9 Training was amazing with my dogs!! I first met my trainer when he gave my older dog Sicarius a review when we had trouble with a new puppy. Then when it came time to train that puppy I KNEW my trainer was the right guy. He has taken a crazy pup and made her into a well behaved dog that is on her way to becoming my Service Dog.  Thank You OLK9!!

Nicole Pickens  //  ​Verified Google Review

professional trainer

Honestly, if you want a professional trainer who doesn’t just train dogs for a living but genuinely LOVES dogs, truly gets to know your dog, and forms a great partnership with you and your dog, THIS is your place! It’s all about relationships, and you’ll know that  you were trained as much or more than your dog was!! Thank you, OLK9...and we’re not even done yet!

Monica Roberts  //  ​Verified Google Review

worth every penny

​We have the worlds sweetest bulldog who is also the worlds strongest in both will AND strength. We were hoping these guys could at least help us a little but didn’t go in expecting miracles. When I say that we got actual miracles I am not even close to exaggerating!!! After 1 lesson my husband & I agreed that if Moose didn’t learn anything else in his remaining lessons it’d already been worth every penny. We just completed our 4th lesson and WE now have a dog, opposed to how it use to be where our dog had humans  I obviously can’t say enough positive things about how these guys have literally changed the dynamics of our home. Oh yeah, we’ve already signed up our other, much more compliant, small dog because we just want her to have the same amazing manners as her brother!

Kelli Haney //  ​Verified Google Review

GREAT JOB OLK9 Chattanooga!

I found OLK9 training to satisfy my desire to have my dog, Arlo trained as a therapy dog. We both have a passion for volunteering and consoling those around us. However, he needed to be more consistent with basic commands and confident on leash without pulling or being overly excited. OLK9’s trainers are just as personable with handlers as they are the dogs! I’ve seen them quickly adapt to what a dog needs and pushes them to build confidence! We’re only halfway through their therapy dog program and Arlo is already much more responsive and helping us bond as a therapy dog team. GREAT JOB OLK9 Chattanooga!

Jessie Harris  //  Verified Google Review

Thank you K9 Off Leash!!!

Off Leash K9 worked so well with my little dog Olive and me. They explained each command so well then worked with Olive until she could follow through with the command.  Easy to sign up for the basic package and John made scheduling a breeze as well.  Thank you K9 Off Leash Chattanooga!!!!

Susan Pierce  //  Verified Google Review

we have Noticed a big change

Since our very first training session we have notice a big change in our Great Dane Pup Tallulah! This is 100% due to our trainer and his amazing knowledge about training not only the dog, but the family who is working with the dog as well. Tallulah has learned so much and has taken to a whole new way of life. She lives and loves to please me and I have learned how to please and love her in a way that she totally understands now. I can’t thank you enough! Your love for the animals shines through your work and your desire for others to learn what you know as a trainer is exactly the key of forming the bond between pet/owner. I can not wait to place my next dog in your care! I will recommend everyone I know to OLK9 simply because of our amazing trainer! 

Andrea Hollis  //  ​Verified Google Review

What a great investment!

​What a great investment! Moose was almost uncontrollable before the class. We can now take him out and really relax and enjoy our time with him. Love being able to show him off!

Craig Haney //  ​Verified Google Review

so impressed

OLK9 is such a blessing! We knew from the very first lesson that our trainer was going to be the perfect one to help our Panzer reach his goals! His support through the week in between lessons was above and beyond. People are so impressed at how well Panzer behaves and we sing OLK9 praises every chance we get!!!

Roxanne Caldwell //  ​Verified Google Review

dreams come true

We rescued our gsd from a shelter he had very little to no confidence. After our first session with our trainer, he was a different pup! She gave him the confidence he was lacking. She was an amazing trainer! She has taught me and my pup so many things. We enjoyed how thorough she was in explaining every part of the training. We are enjoying the off leash life.
We appreciate you! Thank you for everything that you have done to make my and my pups dreams come true.

Chris B. //  Verified Google Review

I highly recommend K9 Off Leash

I took my 5 year old, extra large, German Shepherd, Boone through basic and advanced training with Off Leash K9 Training. Boone was already pretty well-behaved but was easily distracted, especially around other animals. While distracted, he could be very hard to contain due to his size. Our trainer was fantastic with him and me, teaching us both how to handle those situations on and off leash. I highly recommend Off Leash K9 Training for any of your training needs.

Angerleak Kile  //  Verified Google Review

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